Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Garage Looks Normal Again

Got a call on Friday that the Wing was ready to go.  All the parts arrived and all the work was completed.  Marcia and I had plans to travel to Vermont to ski for the weekend so picking up the bike on Saturday was not an option.  Another busy week of work was already scheduled so I figured the first chance to pick up the bike would be next Saturday.
On my way out to exercise before work this morning I heard the weather report for the next few days.  I could not believe the forecast was for the high 30's today and a snow storm for tomorrow.  I instinctively went back into the garage and grabbed my helmet.  I was watching the weather during the day and was pleasantly surprised that it was in the low 40's.  I was able to reschedule a few meetings and leave work at 3.
It was an uneventful ride home but it feels good to have the Wing back home again.

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