Friday, January 22, 2010

Results From Manchester Honda

Spoke to Dan the service manager and he recommended the following work:
  • replace brake fluid
  • replace differential fluid
  • replace front and rear brakes
  • rebuild hydraulic clutch cylinder
  • replace front and rear tires
  • replace battery
I wound up buying the tires (Continental Tours) from Saved about 1/3 of the cost by buying them over the Internet.  Planning to drop them off tomorrow for installation. They will work on the bike during the next week.  I hope to get it back by next weekend.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Manchester Honda Service

Starting to prepare the bike for the big ride this summer. I figured I would get it in for service before the spring rush at the garage. Weather was good, almost Spring like, so I decide to drive to Manchester.

Took it in to replace and flush brake fluid, clutch fluid, rear differential and a new battery. Also asked the shop to do an overall inspection and to let me know if they recommend any additional work.